My First French Real Estate Blog Post

Experiencing the homes in France first-hand, I’ve grown a deep love for the architecture and decor of the French and European style. I hope I can use this blog to inspire you as well! Maybe your next home will be French inspired!

The great thing about this style of homes is how sturdy they are. Especially, in comparison to American homes. With that said, they do take longer to build, and if there is a repair needed (though, typically rare), it will be costly in comparison to American homes.

So, of course, there are pros and cons to any style of home. But, I feel that the style, architecture design, and the decor of French homes overtops all homes! Hence, why I created this blog…

From the outside, you’ll notice French and European homes include farmhouse type designs, as well as estate-like chateaus. Typically, the styles have a rustic and comfortable feel. You’ll see a lot of curved arches above the doorway and/or windows, steep gables for the roofs, and sculpture-like stonework on the outsides.

On the inside, again, you’ll see a more rustic and comfortable feel. Typically, you’ll see wood beams, plaster walls, and even stone floors.

I bet your eyes are dying to see some examples! Maybe it’s time to give your real estate agent a call and find a piece of land for you to build on…

Check out my gallery here:


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